[ibogaine] Where is this from???

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Wed Jul 24 15:43:36 EDT 2002

On [Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 12:29:01PM -0700], [Carrie Rollins] wrote:

| Who is this and where is this from? That attached is
| from greenparty groups I'm reading and I find this in
| the middle of it, which was never on this list in the
| first place. Did I miss it or what is this about?

That was private email between a couple of people, which Dana reprinted in
his MMM newsletter, since he was one of the people involved.

| The other question I have is what exactly is the deal
| on the other list with all of you, that british paper
| is now on 5 or 6 articles and that latest one says
| that guy who worked for Mindvox is some sociopath who
| has restraining orders on him and tried to kill his
| girlfriend with a knife. I know you made jokes about
| this but it's for real? Who are all these people,
| gweeds, ruy, useless account, sir dystic, what is cdc,
| lopht, @stake? It also says that he is the reason you
| guys went offline in 1997?

Look, please keep all that on the other list, if you wanna know who they
all are, then ask them.  Mostly they are all Other People using an Alias.

All of it pertains to the 3l33t h3x0r world, and *not* ibogaine.


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