[ibogaine] Where is this from???

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Wed Jul 24 15:37:53 EDT 2002

If you come over to this List:  <kotas4christ-subscribe at mindvox.com>  I'm 
talking about something I know you'll understand and I promise not to get mad 
at you.  I talk about Jesus over there on that List.  Ummm.....  speaking of 
stabbings..  I was stabbed once, actually several times, but it happened on 
two or three different occassions.    Come learn about the Love and Light 
that is Jesus Christ, come to the kotas4christ List... Kotas, that's me.  
It's a name, it's Greek, but I'm a mutt.  Sorta Greek, Czech mix.. Bohemian.  
But does that really matter?  Naaah.  COME ON OVER!  WHEW!


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carrierollins at yahoo.com writes:

> What I'm trying to ask is what is all this? I don't
> understand any of it, the people who post to the other
> list are talking about nothing I understand, ever. The
> only part I understand is that a lot of you are
> getting madder and madder at each other and I don't
> get what it's all about.

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