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Dana Beal dana at cures-not-wars.org
Wed Jul 24 15:17:18 EDT 2002

>Am I allowed to respond to this here?  Patrick was so kind to give 
>me the use of a new List <kotas4christ-subscribe at mindvox.com>  so 
>that I can share the Good News of Christ with all the world.  I can 
>talk about this over on that list if you all are interested in 
>hearing what I have to say about it.

I got into some trouble on the original Ibogaine list (calyx) for 
talking about VALIS. I would think you could speculate about the role 
of lost gnostic sacraments in the Grail story. You would like these 
books, I think. Have you read the Ibogaine story?

Read Chapter 12, the part about Parsifal. 
http://www.cures-not-wars.org/ibogaine/iboga.html And tell me if it 
doesn't remind you of Ibogaine.

Apologies from the errors of grammar in my original post.

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