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Effexor is a new kind of serotonin reuptake inhibitor used to treat 
depression.  Taking it for too long causes me to have bad reactions but then 
also, when ever I decrease my dosage I get really bad reactions too.  So I 
have to play this little game of increase/decrease dosage in order to trick 
my body or I should probably say my brain 'cause that's what it affects.  
Take it for too long and my involuntary muscles start to contract 
spasmodically, it mimicks ALS "Lou Gehrigs disease".   Go off from it and my 
brain starts to vibrate....  I don't know how else to describe it, but it 
feels like my brain is rattling around inside my head.  I get nauseous, 
extremely dizzy to the point that I can't stand without having to hold onto 
something, and also I experience extremem fatigued.  

Some people have complained about their dreams being too intense when on 
Effexor, but this is one side-affect that I sort of like.  Last night I 
dreamt that some zombies with hypodermic needles were chasing me!  I guess 
that would be a nightmare, but it was interesting.  I watched Night of the 
Living Dead before I went to sleep last night so that's probably why. 


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