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The reason I'm stalling slightly is simply because I only personally know
one person whose ongoing recovery process included Ibogaine.
I have taken Ibogaine in an effort to see if I could stop taking SSRI's,
nicotine +++ but truth is I was not commited or fearless enough to drop
either for good, (even 1 day at a time!)
However, I had an extraordinary experience with it, where I learnt a lot
more about crazy/amazing ol' me! Sometyhing to do with the fact that I can b
a f of a stern woman, and especially hard on myself. That in itself is good
info. to try and use in life daily - that is to be more compassionate
towards myself. Indeed that attitude (when I remember it) has stopped many a
heroin lapse from occuring.
I was also involved with guiding two people who were coming off heroin
and/or methadone. One since died from Anorexia (long time coming) and the
other is doing well. Last thing I heard was that he was in a new
relationship and stabilised on meth, which is a hellava improvement from
where he was.
As for HCV and Ibogaine; this issue raised a huge discussion some time ago;
in short, if your liver is very damaged it may not be a great idea. On the
other hand, if you are DESPERATE to get off meth and your liver is averagely
damaged, I would probably say Go for it!
My Liver isn't the greatest, but I didn't notice any probs after, certainly
do when I dare to drink Whisky though!

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I have been getting anecdotal testimonies from those that have taken igo.  I
just feel driven to find out as much as I can of the experience.  I want to
be able to stay off of methadone, is it too late in life for it (should I
stay with methadone)???   Is it safe when you already are infected with
HCV?....questions like that.
I received a very good testimony from B.Calabrese.  It has been the best so
far as testonies go.
If you have any thoughts to add, please feel free to write.  It will be so

Judith Ostergard...AMMO... 

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