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dear Jane, Don, all
I was in Jerusalem in 1999 for a drug treatment conference which i spoke at.
I won't go to deeply into this one as it is the IBOGAINE list but just to
say that I went to an NA meeting down there (back in the days when I still
did) and there was a man there who had been born into liberal Judaism, who
converted to Hassidism. He was kidding me about this as I was expressing
fear of some of the Hassidic men (but hey I express fear of most men; they
tend to have the 'power' that certainly has been weilded against me since
childhood.) Anyway, he was a healing force; after speaking to him for 5/10
mins about his decision to convert and what it all meant for him, I felt
less fear of the guys at the wailing wall.
And I must admit, I have been HUMOUNGOUSLY impressed with the way you've all
come to resolve the religious/spiritual debate on this list. So big thanx,
and can I apologise if I've said anything untoward in this discussion
Solidarity and love from warmer London

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Funny that you should say that!  Earlier I toyed with the idea of saying
that we should send Patrick over to negotiate between the Palestinians and
the Jews..  Sure couldn't hurt!  Jane, I LOVE YOU!  And I'm sorry for
mounting a mini-crusade yesterday.  Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my

In Christ, 


Thanks.  You know, on ibo2, as I call it, I SAW in panoramic precognition
(many of you know about stuff like this) my visit to the rainforest
(ayahuasca, yes, but mostly environmentalism for the Bolivian rainforest)
AND Jerusalem.  I lived in the heart of the old city for 3 weeks (awesome).
The Academy of Jerusalem, who graciously had me as a guest in their Old City
apartment, had one window overlooking the palestinian souks and the other
overlooking the Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock.  Talk about a place where
people live their religions.....the chanting (in 3 religions, at least, and
don't forget the Canaanite) begins at about 3:30 a.m and goes on.  Of course
I was there during Ramadan and Christmas.  Bethlehem was disgustingly
commercial, even while Yassar Arafat attended midnight mass in the Church of
the Nativity (this was the millenium, and everyone was trying hard, I guess,
to capitalize on the moment).  Anyway, I'm pretty interested in peace, like
every sane person alive, and believe we have to start with ourselves!  Jane


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