[ibogaine] what's changed since 2001?

Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt AndriaEM at drugscope.org.uk
Wed Jul 24 09:38:34 EDT 2002


I was wondering if you could tell us what u do to get out of the 'superman
spiral' when you get into it, as I have a girlfriend who lives with MD, and
I'm never sure how, if at all, I can help.

All ideas from you will be most welcomed. meanwhile, peace and tranquility
to ya 

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On [Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 02:14:43AM -0000], [Curtis  Hersch] wrote:
| On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 ascending at hushmail.com wrote :

| I'm sending mail off list, need to ask you something. Will 
| hushmail accept mail without PGP? It must if you're writing to 
| list right?
| Curtis

Curtis.  While you have wonderful taste in fine music, and seem to
generally be a thoughtful and interesting person.  There is this word you
should look up, it's called: subtle.  Pronounced  Sub-Tul.  Meaning: Learn
to shut the fuck up and think about what you're about to say, before doing
so (I paraphrase here from Webster's New Edition).  This message will be
the EXACT OPPOSITE of subtle.

You couldn't possibly have INTENT to SOLICIT the purchase of SCHEDULE 1
SUBSTANCES, and plans to CONSPIRE to commit a FELONY right...?  Gosh I
hope not.  It's great that we don't log any IP's and delete all the logs
every 5 minutes or so, like right now for instance.  Because saying all
that at a list of several hundred people you don't know, may not be the
most brilliant thing you could possibly do.  Even though I know all you're
gonna talk about is the weather, or possibly some legal location to
experience the wonder of ibogaine.  Using PGP.

"Hello Occifer!  I have heard this is a drug-infested hellhole.  Sounds
great to me!  Could you please tell me the nearest street corner where I
may purchase some Heroin and an 8ball!?!?11!!@!"

Just like do whatever, but please don't run an announcement.  I realize I
have just added flashing neon to your sign, but it'd be groovy if people
did not repeat whatcha just did.  We fully intend to start the WorldWide
Access Database, but in my old age I have grown wary of taking any action
whatsoever, without having at least 4 lawyers surround me in a huddle and
whisper sweet nothings into my ear.  And do a good job at the delivery
too, I mean I WANT them to work at making me truly BELIEVE what they say,
or it's just No Good.

Possibly, this too may be -- and prolly is -- an overreaction to all the,
"Where do I buy DrugZ!?!!!!!" mail I keep getting.  How should I know...?
I'm not a drug dealer, go to your nearest NA meeting, and you'll find
lots of helpful people there.  Or look up "escort" in the yellow pages;
find the ho's, they'll help you find DRugZ.  Plus, also, in the worst
case, you can go to any Greyhound station.  It is U.S. Federal Law that
all Greyhound stations must be located within 2 blocks of at least half a
dozen pitchers.  Failing all that just find the street called, "Martin
Luther King Jr. Blvd" in whatever city you live in, and at least one end
will contain many helpful youths who may give the illusion of
aimlessly loitering, but are in actuality working super hard, selling

If the healing molecule you wanna locate is ibogaine, well then whut Carla
sed' is absolutely correct:


| >Shout outs to Patrick and Dave, like yer recovery anti-recovery 
| >rap in HT.

Thank ewe.

p.s., pardon me, I seem to have misplaced my tinfoil hat today, the
weather is extremely paranoid.  This usually indicates a SpiraL into the
depressive part of manic depression is about to begin, thus -- checking
watch -- I should be Superman again in about 48 hours. 

Until then, I remain very truly yours, curled in a fetal position under my
bed.  Aha, I have just realized that this time I will BEAT the depressive
part, by simply NEVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN!  Why haven't I thought of this
before, it's brilliant!  No wait, I have thought of it, d'oh.


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