if you like to have a baby ?

sara glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 24 02:21:37 EDT 2002

Hi all , 

There is a new opportunity to people who would like to have  babies drug users 

but also women who can't get pregnant because of a physical problems ,
to get clean (with Ibo) , Then go to a health resort  with wild life  ,water falls 

herbal healing  , craft , yoga, walks with guides, organic food clean rivers and for the people who 

like cannabis it grows outside in sunlight as well as magic shrooms therapy . in south africa fare from a city .

all is done by a great african herbal healer,  with ceramony and a lot of positive 

energy .

if people would like to have a healthy baby I think they should think about getting off any drugs

before and think about their own health to create a better start to a new spirit  .

with love ,


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