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Hi, these remarks are a bit "off-topic" for ibogaine, but I want to say that sterilization is a whole different ballgame for women than for men (no pun intended).  Women have a huge biological "investment" in reproduction - an adult life of menstruation, pregnancy, giving birth....that men usually can't fathom.  (No offense to fathers intended, whether "good" or "bad" fathers; just saying it's a difference).  While the topic of C.R.A.C.K. was about voluntary sterilization (for an insulting and i think immoral $200), I can't imagine that the solution to the problem of addiction need be so drastic.  The letter was signed by a multitude of doctors who were against this idea, because yikes,even.  In the 20's black teenage girls were paid to be sterilized; it was an outrage.  

And I admit I was sort of offended by the author who kept referring to the "girls" he knew, (apparently he doesn't know any women)at least one of whom he'd "gotten pregnant," and then was off on what bad moms they were/would be.  What kind of nightmare partner and father would, after all that, decide sterilizing the women was the solution?  Dr. Strangelove?  I wonder what people would say if the plan were to sterilize all parents who had a DUI or two?  Plus, just to be sort of feminist here, the equivalent for males of female sterilization is NOT a vasectomy, but some kind of major surgery or removal. many would go for that?

I concur that there is a problem when addicted parents (male and female) bring children here that they can't care for.  This is also true of many kinds of parents. Preston wrote movingly about that, however, and I agree that such babies can still thrive.  I have a friend who adopted two children of an addicted mom, when they were 4 and 6, and they are lovely kids with a very troubled mom-of-birth, but a fair chance of a good life. 

I guess my main point though is that fertility is the nature of the planet we live on, and to end it, either by chopping out rainforest old growth or by tying the tubes of "unhealthy" women is not really a very strong solution.  It IS judgmental, and the judgment is made by people who think they are "better."  Just musing, IMHO, as Nick used to say, and my 2 cents.  Jane 

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