methadone and ibogaine treatment (a few thoughts)

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Tue Jul 23 22:16:51 EDT 2002

just to add a few thoughts to bretts reply to judith,regarding ibogaine and 
this is my personal experience and is in no way intended to offer any 
generalised account concerning treatment of methadone addiction with brett said, before you consider ibogaine treatment,get checked 
out medically and research the literature:its all there on the net.
I was on methadone and heroin ten years.(80mg/methadone and 0.5-1.0gr heroin 
daily) in this period i quit twice.the first time took place in a specialist 
hospital detox wing:it took one month and at the end of that month i was 
discharged straight into a drug rehabilitation unit.
subjectively,i would say it took three months before i felt i was 
approaching any base line of <normality> both physically/mentally.
the second time i quit was six months ago,from a similar ammount of 
methadone and opiates using ibogaine hcl at 14mg/kg. I quit methadone 
completely with moderate to mild withdrawals when compared to the three 
months of hell i experienced first time around.(i took the ibogaine saturday 
night and on the monday,two days later i was able to walk two miles to 
collect my methadone script, which i gave away to a friend and have not 
touched it since.(for long term methadonians, such action sounds unreal, 
believe me, at the time i found my actions hard to believe and i was the one 
engaged in those actions)
in the intervening months i got myself lightly readdicted to heroin but quit 
two weeks ago,old school style and i am waiting to undergo ibogaine 

things i have learnt :

1>ibogaine is not a "cure",it is a door of opportunity, which greatly 
allieviates opiate/opioid withdrawals and reduces cravings(compare three 
months to several days) : whether one chooses post-ibogaine to walk through 
that door and never look back or chooses to return to those closed repeating 
loops of thought, feeling and action, is down to the individual.

2> with ibogaine, you always need more than you think.i wished to god during 
my initial treatment i had at least another 500mg, which would have tallied 
with the suggested range of 20-25mg/kg for methadone/opiate addiction in 
order to generate the required subjective phase shift.- or in the 
days/weeks/months ahead - keep some handy - i wont let myself be without it 
again if the desire to use re-emerges after the next re-treatment

3>ibogaine has a strange fractal quality that self organises across all 
planes.its not a one shot deal,hence my desire for retreatment,it has many 
more stories to tell

to paraphrase neitzche :


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