The Whole Sterilization Thing

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at
Tue Jul 23 18:30:07 EDT 2002

Just as a passing thought ... thinking through what would happen.  I'm not
entirely sure that offering a cash incentive to people for not having
kids, appeals THAT STRONGLY to desperation.

Okay, it's $200 bucks.  Which is nice, if you have say, nothing.  However,
they are not gonna hand you the cash the moment you walk through the door,
it will be a PROCESS that takes MANY HOURS before you have that money in
your hand. 

Many Hours during which you could go do SOMETHING ELSE to generate some
bux a LOT faster; such as sell your ass, boost something, or do whatever
your hustle(s) are/is, and be nice and straight, quite a while before that
whole entire $200 dollar scenario pans out.

This is my opinion anyway.  The only times I've ever had the patience to
put up with lines, and waiting, and all that bullshit, while sprung, is
when I'm already nice to begin with.  Otherwise, it's like fuck that
noise, I'm gonna generate some flow right away, if not sooner, I do not
have the time to be sitting in waiting rooms, I have a very full time
career being a junkie, and WAITING is simply not part of the day's plan.


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