[ibogaine] to be more clear

Dana Beal dana at cures-not-wars.org
Tue Jul 23 18:36:58 EDT 2002

>I have been getting anecdotal testimonies from those that have taken 
>igo.  I just feel driven to find out as much as I can of the 
>experience.  I want to be able to stay off of methadone, is it too 
>late in life for it (should I stay with methadone)???   Is it safe 
>when you already are infected with HCV?....questions like that.
>I received a very good testimony from B.Calabrese.  It has been the 
>best so far as testonies go.
>If you have any thoughts to add, please feel free to write.  It will 
>be so appreciated.
>Judith Ostergard...AMMO...

Do you know anyone who would want to put on an Ibogaine forum in K.C. or Omaha?


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