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gosh, if my teenaged birth-mother (who I never met and have no idea if she did drugs or not- nor much of anything else about her either for that matter- including the father's name) had been sterilized instead of giving me up for adoption, I'd not have gotten "screwed up" on drugs, nor would I have had the opportunity to make my little part of the world a little better place. At my most depressed stages, I curse her and wonder why she didn't simply abort, but in my better moments, I am pretty happy she didn't, even more happy she wasn't sterilized to begin with.
    Of course, as noted, no one is discussing forced sterilizations now are we? OF course not- we're talking about offering desperate junkies money for drugs to help cull the populace of those pesky poor stupid people, right?
    Well, personally, I can't help but think- what a fucked up idea. Then of course it occurs to me, I'm not planning on having kids, nor am I a junky. Can I get $200 to sterilize myself?
    How far is it from offering $200 bucks, and forced sterilization making a COMEBACK in the US?

Forced Sterilizations
The philosophy behind the eugenics movement is that intelligence, health, and social behavior are determined solely by genetic makeup. Popular in the United States, Britain, and Germany from early in the 20th century until World War II (1939-1945), eugenics dismisses the influence of social and economic factors on human behavior and advocates policies aimed at maintaining the "fitness" of a "superior" racial stock-that of white Anglo-Saxons.

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  No, It would be a better world if George senior had had a vasectomy many 
  many years ago...

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  >randy wrote ; A child who doesn't get screwed up on drugs, a
  >child who is able to contribute to the betterment of humankind .
  >do you mean like Mr. Bush and his daughters ?

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