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Tue Jul 23 15:50:39 EDT 2002


> How many treatments are necessary, or does it
> vary from person to 
> person?

Speaking for addiction usually the physical addiction
is done in a 1 shot deal, in some patients,
particularly high dose methadone patients a 2nd dose
is necessary for the physical addiction. Some people
(rats too) are resistant to ibogaine, that is just how
it is but even these people (rats, dogs, cats, mice,
monkeys...) with repeated doses the success increases.
I would however suggest (IMO of course) that EVERYONE
being treated with ibogaine consider that they may
need more than one treatment or a booster
(particularly for opiate addicts), don't get caught
short, it takes what it takes and often enough it
takes more than once.

> I'm getting closer and closer to possibly leaving
> the country for the real 
> thing (too bad that we have to run circles around
> the FDA) to find our own 
> treatment.

Good luck - any questions/suggestions on that feel
free to ask. Whatever you do, FOLLOW PROTOCOL (I can't
say this enough), get a physical/EKG/blood
chemistry/liver enzymes. OH, and don't "move". If you
are doing it yourself, consider a small booster or
tapering doses (I think you said you were on meth)
over the next few days if you need it, if not, maybe
just 1g a week later. If you are on a high dose of
meth, you may be able to cut it down but not eliminate
it, just cut the dose of meth way down (way, WAY down)
and bring it up just enough so you don't get sick for
a week or so and do it again, you won't need as much
the 2nd time even though someone else on the same
amount of methadone would require more ibo. It is
because you already did  some ibo and have your body
somewhat repaired and nor-ibogaine has already
saturated your system. Sorry for the babble, thinking
out loud, if you have questions you can ask.

> I really don't think that the methadone clinics
> would appreciate ibogaine 
> becoming legal.   

No, that is one reason ibogaine was made illegal in
the first place (don't know if you knew this). I think
it was some BS story in NY about some people getting
busted cutting heroin with ibogaine - in '69/70, you
have to be kidding, ibogaine was so rare and expensive
why in the world would anyone cut H with it? - unless
of course you are Nelson Rockafeller, happen to be
Governor of NY at the time and the Rockafeller
foundation just happens to own the rights to - oh, you
guessed it METHADONE!, then maybe you make a bust
happen and help make ibo illegal...

> Judith Ostergard

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