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> We do know that exercise is usually good at
> stabilsing moods. many of us
> know what kinds of foods to eat, or not
> Others of us know about meditation, sleeping enough,
> writing journals,
> having something meaningful in our lives and a
> relationship with our HPower,
> best friend or whatever

Maybe "we" do but most people still deep in addiction
do not (they may have snips here and there). It is
something I often bring up but even "addiction
treatment professionals" usually focus on THE PROBLEM
and THE TREATMENT while they miss some obvious (and
really easy) solutions like diet, natural products,
meditation, sleep, HP/Spirituality, exercise... These
are some things addicts simply do not know how and
don't usually get help sometimes because they are too
busy with important stuff like getting clean,
sometimes because they just refuse. I have even had AA
members (who should know better) say "NO" when I
suggest to the newcomer to get some exercise to burn
off that "negative energy" or deep breathing
exercises, instead it's "lets keep em busy with Step
1... then on to step 2, that meditation stuff isn't
till step 11 you know".


> That should keep your mood together well beyond
> Friday - moderation in all
> things Yoh!
> Solidarity
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> Carrie says, "It's too bad but ditto.
> Short of that I don't see anything changing except
> everything getting worse and worse.
> -carrie"
> I know, and it does seem, especially in the U.S.
> that humanity grows more
> ignorant day by day.  I think, however, that if we
> all who felt this way
> could find some basic kind of self-responsibility
> and fellowship, we could
> begin to make a difference.  Since the people on
> this list all seem to be
> trying, it's hard to know what else to do, but bit
> by bit, I think we can
> collectively "get our act together."  At least I
> think that on Wednesdays,
> by Friday I may be all weirded out again!  Jane
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