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Tue Jul 23 12:27:35 EDT 2002

Good morning everyone,

Geez, it seems I've stirred up some emotion with my last letter agreeing 
with C.R.A.C.K.  Sometimes I find it hard to get across what I truly think 
or fill in a little e-note like this.  I don't blame those of you who 
responded to me for thinking that I am "judging" "hating" "a pretentious 
dork" etc.  I am only writing from my life experience and from what I've 
seen in the 4 methadone clinics that I attended and the dozen or more that I 
have gone to work at and the hundreds of people on methadone whom I've 
spoken with.  And I still feel the same.  [Preston] I never said that I 
would "tell someone else they can't have a child".  I simply said that I 
agree with the monetary incentive to stop desperate people from having 
children.  Can we agree that if someone is willing to trade in their ability 
to have a child for two hundred bucks than at least for that moment in time 
we (society) are better off without them having children.  Yes there would 
be casualties from a program like this(as I admitted earlier I might have 
had a vasectomy).  What would be better? - most people who are unfit to 
raise children don't or the few that become fit can't.

Carla- in the dog eat dog world that we live in - "caring for someone" is 
not always enough.  Parents need to be able to provide...

What experiences have I had that make me so "judging"?:
Girl #1 Ran away from her court ordered rehab to live with me and my 
girlfriend in colorado 1n 1999.  She had been on and off with this asshole 
junkie boyfriend.  While she was with us she had lots of unprotected sex 
with one of our friend who we all knew had hep c. Eventually she returned to 
her ex in michigan got back on methadone, got pregnant and got put in jail.  
The ex-boyfriend is serving some 15 years in the penn.  I know this girl and 
I really feel bad for her child.  He just is not going to have the shining 
opportunities that a well-balanced mom could give him.

Girl #2.  this girl is brilliant, graduated valedictorian of her high 
school.  Unfortunately that was her last great accomplishment.  Anorexia, 
speed addiction, crack addiction, morphine addiction and now methadone 
dependence have ruled her life for the last 10 years.  At 28 she just gave 
birth to a beautiful baby girl.  The dad used to beat her so he is not 
involved in her life.  Mom lives at home with her parents.  The babies first 
week in this world was spent in withdrawal.  Girl #2 hasn't been able to 
make a good decision in 10 years. Do you think her having a child (she 
really cares about) was a good decision?

Girl #3.  My ex-girlfriend.  We spent years shooting dope together.  I got 
her pregnant twice.  Fortunately she had a miscarriage and an abortion.  She 
spent last year living on the streets of denver stealing and shooting 
cocaine and going to a methadone clinic.  she spent six weeks in the I.C.U. 
from an infection in her arm that spread to her heart.  This did not stop 
her from using. eventually the law caught up with her and she was sent to 
the state hospital.  she only stayed there for three months, she was 
supposed to stay for 6 months.  She got out moved into a YMCA, continues to 
be on methadone and started dating Leroy.  Leroy is on parole for violent 
behavior and already has two other children from two different women, now he 
is about to have a third.  Maybe I shouldn't judge who is smart and who is 
dumb, BUT I was smart enough not to have a kid with this girl.  She has a 
truck load of problems.

Girl #4.  32 years old been on methadone for over ten years.  she lives at 
home with her parents. she can't even raise her Pug properly.  Now she got 
pregnant one drunk night by a guy who doesn't even know she is pregnant.  
But she is so selfish that she is going to keep the child.

None of these 4 babies are going to have the opportunities that the average 
american child will have.  I'm sure all these moms will "care" about their 
babies but none of them are fit to have one. THEY CAN'T EVEN TAKE CARE OF 

I never said that we should force sterilization on anyone, but what is wrong 
with encouraging it?  Society will be better off with less children, 
especially in america.  What did someone say an american use  %80(?) of the 
worlds resources.

I believe that we should offer every living person the best quality of life 
they can have.  For some people it is methadone for others it is crack. and 
that is all fine with me I really want them to have a great life, just don't 
raise children.

Rick, I would really like to see the figures you refer to.

Until I get inspired to write more,

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