[ibogaine] C.R.A.C.K Original statement and more comments

G. Ratte' z3kpw at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 23 10:18:47 EDT 2002

--- Carla Barnes <carlambarnes at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Which is what that CRACK paper is all about,
>controlling blacks and other minorities who are
>already in trouble and offering the chance to go get
>high with a quick $200 which they will take and then
>never have the chance to have a child even if they
>ever do get their lives together. 

How is this controlling anybody, where are you guys coming up with that? 
They're offering 200 bucks to get sterilized.  Nobody's forced to do
anything.  There've been times when I'm more broke than now that I'd jump at
that, sounds like a good deal.  There are plenty of kids to adopt anyways; no
shortage of orphan kids in the world if you wanna be a parent.

I'm looking at this as population control.  I think China's birth policy is
ballsy, at least they're willing to deal with their problem instead of the
west's 'plan' of "Hmm, well, maybe you shouldn't have sex!"  Duh.

Man.  The vast majority of white folks don't live Lizzie Grubman existences,
no matter how you grew up.  I've spent a lot of my life as poor white
southern t... I don't like to say it, anyhow- to paint this as "the rich
white people are trying to exterminate the poor blacks & other minorities" is

take care-

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