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Rick Venglarcik RickV at hnncsb.org
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With all due respect, you may feel as though you "understand" the
opposing viewpoint, but your position reflects no small amt. of
ignorance.  You are anot an exception.  The majority on methadone DO end
up clean and successful.  At least that's what all the research
indicates.  Likewise, it seems to be reflected at this clinic as well. 
85% of our patients are consistently drug-free and have jobs.  

Those "godforsaken methadone clinics" save a lot of lives, decrease
crime, the spread of disease, etc.  In addition, those "godforsaken
addicts" are called people. People with mothers, fathers, wives,
husbands, and the same hopes and dreams as you.  I'm not sure how you
can call yourself an "advocate of methadone maintenance" and hold this
kind of perspective.

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>>> randyhencken at hotmail.com 07/22/02 07:07PM >>>
> Also I am an advocate of methadone maintenance and I 
>believe in many circumstances that methadone is a good program.  

 >Also, I am the exception most people who get on methadone don't end
up clean and successful. 

>They live the rest of their lives going to those godforsaken methadone
being surrounded by godforsaken addicts.

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