who is stupid ?

sara glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 23 03:41:38 EDT 2002

Carla wrote : "That's such a great memory to have, when I was younger
I needed $200 so bad I sold any children I might ever

in India they got a small radio that was about 25 years ago in the time of Indira Gandi , 
that was a lot for an untouchables ,

so some men came twice for sterilization .
they didn't care if they could get childeren or not they were happy to get a radio twice.

randy wrote:
There are 
"over 6 billion people on the planet.  Over population is one of the biggest 
threats to human existence.  Another great threat is stupid people.  Where 
do stupid people come from? Stupid parents."

the last news from Africa over population is that 70 million people will die 

with in 20years from HIV  ,that only  Africe I don't know what numbers they have got  about Asia ,

I think that if the U.S.A ( %5 of the world  population) wouldn't be using 75% of the world energy and if they wouldn't 

spend so much money for wapens that money could be used for education and better homes and welfare for those 

"STUPID "  people . 


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