[ibogaine] Musings on the Pharmaceutical industry

Rick Venglarcik RickV at hnncsb.org
Mon Jul 22 14:03:56 EDT 2002

Speaking of orgasms.  A few months, a year, or a lifetime ago, I recall
reading that doctors had found the "orgasm nerve" and can now implant a
small cigarette-pack sized device to enable a person to go-O at the
press of a button.  How long before such a device, and other related
technological innovations, are outlawed?  

...Hey, I've shrunk this thing to the size of a dime, and for a few
grand you can turn your high on or off anytime you like; of course,
we're having problems with people just keeping the things on all the
time...Authorities have siezed the holdings of Mindvox Intl., and
arrested its CEO for Wetware trafficking...I'm powerless over my
implanted disease...and in the airports, Beware of the Wetware sniffing
attack dogs...

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>>> digital at mindvox.com 07/22/02 01:11PM >>>

"And by 2007 we will have an inoculation that prevents orgasm!  Unless
STATE, your Parole Ossifah and The Government Approve!" <Applause>
<clapping> <woo hoo!  YEAH!>

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