[ibogaine] Musings on the Pharmaceutical industry

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Mon Jul 22 13:11:33 EDT 2002

On [Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 11:50:12AM -0400], [Rick Venglarcik] wrote:

| -It reportedly costs $500 million to bring a pharmaceutical product to
| market (other literature indicates this an exaggerated figure).

Ehhhhh...  Depends an awful lot.  From what I have actually seen anywaze.

| -Pharmaceutical companies are always looking to "knock it out of the
| ballpark;" they are very satisfied with a pharmacotherapy that brings in
| $1 million per day.
| -Pharmacological treatment of addiction, and numerous other
| statistically insignificant diseases, won't result in an "out of the
| ballpark" product.
| -MAINTENANCE drugs for the treatment (alleviation of symptoms) of
| various diseases, are very profitable. 
| The foregoing brings to mind this question:  
| What possible motive would there be for any pharmaceutical company to
| research and develop medications that would actually "cure"
| insignificant diseases?  Or significant ones for that matter.  What if,

<drum roll>  None whatsoever.  Who cares!  Where's the Money!!?@1!!!!?????

| as a result of unraveling the human genome, pharmaceutical companies
| could develop medications that would alleviate the need for any kind of
| maintenance drugs, but, instead, would cure the disease in only a few
| applications?   Would they be pursued?

Why sure.  Every time I read the spin control for drugabusesciences it
gets creepier and more out there...  It ChAnGeS a lot...  Not in a good
way either.


"And by 2007 we will have an inoculation that prevents orgasm!  Unless THE
STATE, your Parole Ossifah and The Government Approve!" <Applause>
<clapping> <woo hoo!  YEAH!>

Hooray Science!


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