[ibogaine] Dutch banks fear to fund sex and drug businesses

Jellking jellking at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 21 20:53:59 EDT 2002

Dang!  I must say I consider amsterdam to be the most tolerant caucasian place on earth.....Not so clear re the prostitution, but the mushroom/weed tolerance seemed pretty universal to me.  Sittin in our little red British van outside a very posh restaurant, and just sort of phased from our evening's fun, when several well-dressed, quite posh middle aged people (as am I, was 47 at the time) exiting the restaurant knocked on the window and did a "thumbs-up to me and Chris.  The straightest looking woman in the world, in a fur, for god's sake, with a huge smile and wink said, "right on!  Enjoy yourselves."

Chris and I said, "god, we're so stoned even the straights notice." 

I thought, wow, I could live here.  Love, jane


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