Are the Hmoung Heading for Certain DOOM!?!?!!111!!!

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at
Sun Jul 21 05:30:22 EDT 2002

Hum . . .

THAILAND sez: Get The Hell Out!

I wonder if this will actually happen; possibly not, since it has been in
the perpetual process of happening since roughly the dawn of time, or 40
years ago when a few hundred hmoung arrived and started to reproduce a lot
-- having not much else to do besides learn cultivation techniques for
preTty PopPies in southern Thailand, and that birth control thing not
having made a major inroads into the whole entire southeast Asia -- which
by the way, prolly causes MOST of the AIDS splattered all over those
countries, NOT bangin' up, condoms not birth control pills I meant to
say, I think, yeah that was it ...  Where was I, oh yes, still in Miami,
but as I was saying, the army rolls in, LOOKS AROUND a lot, makes a Stern
Announcement in the Bangkok Post that SOME Sort of Severe Action will take
place, real soon now; and then goes back to sleep.  Since, mostly, they
all arrived in this mountain range 'cuz there's an ashram there, and it'd
be Bad Karma to nuke an ashram in Thailand; although it might be okay if
it were located in Utah instead for instance.  Now then, as I was saying
Will the BAD PEOPLE destroy a perfect, beautiful, happy little society for
tHe HeadLines, or will the whole entire Hmoung make their saving throw,
thus avoiding CERTAIN DOOM!?!??!?

Who can say.  But I just felt strongly ALL OF YOU should be aware of this.

It's a bummer all of them are so fixated on Buddha, if they looked up a
lil' further, they'd find Shiva, who would just DESTROY the whole entire
situation (inside his mind) and they could get back to resonating, bangin'
up', or buying shiny things, depending on what vibrational range they were
in at that particular time.  They're very mellow and accepting there,
which I appreciated a lot, I have never met any group of persons who were
so cheerfully corrupt before, it was neat, and made me feel good about
myself, because everything was always all-good, unlike Mexico, which is
mostly not so cheerfully corrupt, it experiences a lot of guilt about all
that and HIDES the drugs inside Jesus statues and religious altars and
things, but still firmly believes that chiva negra is one of the Two Great
Demons (the other being blanco of course, most especially when you SMOKE
the demon, much like crack, only non-culture centric...  Belize is very
professional in its corruption, it's shiny and glossy and Right Out There,
whereas the Caribbean is more like Thailand, it's mellow and accepting and
easy-going mon, which I s'pose is not surprising.  America as whole is
completely inconsistent, and vibrations vary widely, sometimes even from
block to block, or time of day and phase of moon, when it is possible to
absolutely resonate with your molecules and radiate within and through
them, while at others no matter what you do, you seem to wind up in these
spirals made out of barbed wire which is shredding you as you sink through
bleeding quicksand, hmm, oh yeah, duh, i forgot to Go into The Light.  But
I suppose that is just the Way of the World.  That is my opinion at this
very moment anyway, but it could change at any time.

Mostly, as a whole, this is THAILAND's fault and the Hmoung cannot be held
responsible for the whole entire situation.  Since the laws there change
every 3 hours or so, depending on how moody the King is feeling that day,
and the only part of the laws that ever remains consistent is that it is
okay for them to cultivate opium poppies and USE them, because that is
their cultural heritage, but they're never, ever, at all, not even
supposed to THINK ABOUT breaking it down into heroin and exporting it.
That would be Very Naughty. 

That's it then,


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