iboga on usenet

nruhtra at dsskcorp.com nruhtra at dsskcorp.com
Sat Jul 20 23:46:52 EDT 2002

being that google has archived like the
past 25 years of usenet postings, they
have a page of a bunch of "firsts" - like
the first mention of  microshaft, mtv and
even the first "me too" post.

well check this out for all you frizneaks - the first iboga mentioning -


boom for real

- nruhtra

ps - _kinda_ as of late there has been
some talk of ibogaine in the newsgroups.
not many people are informed and know
of its true powers.  i post about it every
once in a while but i was thinking you
fooliozz should check it out. get the
word out and shiz  -
       alt.drugs -- alt.drugs.psychedelics


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