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>      July 19, 2002
>      This Generation Needs a Paranoid's Paranoid
>      he distance between the world we live in and the world depicted in
>science fiction has narrowed dramatically in recent years. Novels that
>once seemed futuristic because they featured pocket computers, palm-sized
>phones and genetically enhanced people have become dated — artifacts from
>a recent past. Minuscule by tradition, the science fiction market has 
>further, making it even more difficult for writers to find an audience.
>      The most dramatic exception is Philip K. Dick, a wildly original,
>amphetamine-addled genius who was married five times and found time to
>write 36 novels and 130 short stories in a 30-year career that, despite
>his productivity, kept him nearly broke for most of his life. Twenty years
>after his death, Mr. Dick has gained literary respectability and is one
>of the hottest properties in Hollywood. 
>      Mr. Dick's books and stories were mainly out of print and seemed
>destined for oblivion when he died in 1982. Now his short stories have
>been collected in a five-volume set published by Citadel Press that shows
>the evolution of his ideas. Vintage Books is embarked on a mammoth effort
>that will bring more than 30 of his books into print, slickly packaged
>to appeal to readers who would never be caught dead with an old-fashioned
>pulp novel. 
>      Mr. Dick's fortunes began to change just after his death when one
>of his more popular books appeared as the cult film "Blade Runner," a 
>Dickian tale of a cold-blooded police state that enslaves man-made human
>beings — called "replicants" — and murders them when they attempt to go
>free. Since "Blade Runner," Mr. Dick's work has been the basis of five
>movies, with three others in development. 

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