this generation needs a vast active living information system

paul harvey pauljackamo at
Sat Jul 20 14:34:45 EDT 2002

Everyone gets accepted into the academy eventually, even Burroughs in his 
old age proudly wore his button badge of acceptance on his lapel.
Hollywood likes Philip K Dick because he is dead, plain and simple. They can 
appropriate,distort and fuck with his message to its hearts
content.(check out PKD 's description of his treatment by Hollywood
over Bladerunner)

The one set of his books they will never turn into a screenplay is the VALIS 
trilogy.(imagine: Tom Hanks as the intrepid Bishop Pike and introducing 
Maddona's brat Lourdes as the kid saviour St.Sophia ;) )

However, you don't need to wait to see if they do finally manage it,
all you have to do is take ibogaine and watch VALIS unfold all around you in 
real time.

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