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Richard Lake rlake at
Thu Jul 18 22:52:53 EDT 2002

Woops, just found that this had not gone out from my computer Monday 
evening, for some reason I am getting a bad address response from Dana's 
address, so if someone could fwd it, thanks!

Hi, Dana and Friends

It got into the MAP archives at about 6:30 p.m. Pacific today, Monday and 
is at

But thanks much anyway for the heads up.

To newshawk WSJ articles we have to have a hawk who has paid for the online 
WSJ subscription.

We have two, but from time to time they miss things so it is good to get a 
note so I can double check and let them know if one of them didn't send it in.

I guess this is good news, for ibogaine, at least?

I was a little bothered by some of the other drugs being tested. It is one 
thing for a person to seek treatment using some drug with a full 

But I worry that some of these drugs could be used against the will of 
folks in forced treatment, both here in the U.S. and elsewhere around the 
world where the rights of folks are not respected.


At 09:42 PM 7/15/02 -0400, Dana Beal wrote:
>are you going to run the wsj article on new pharmacotherapies for addiction?
>it's top of the front page,  "b" section.

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