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Thu Jul 18 18:39:10 EDT 2002

This is excellent.

Go Gweeds!



On Tue, 16 July 2002, "Patrick K. Kroupa" wrote

> On [Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 01:23:09AM -0700], [Dennis
Wilen] wrote:
> | apparently the biggest asshole ever to work at
> | gweeds, made his typical ignorant and loudmouthed
> | known - a crime unique in its flatulence
> | 
> | >>>
> | 
> | Gweeds gets killed
> | By Thomas C Greene in Washington
> | Posted: 16/07/2002 at 07:30 GMT
> Dennis, Dennis, Dennis . . . 
> Gweeds is simply MISUNDERSTOOD.  He's a beautiful
person inside, just
> filled with pretty things he wants to radiate, and
share with the world.
> I can think of no finer person to place in charge of
the new Welcome
> conference, when the planets align and MindVox
> Everything Gweeds ever did, was meant with LOVE.  He
just wanted to share;
> he needs to be around people -- and if at all
possible, small children.
> He's doing GREAT!  Why he hasn't been under
investigation by ANYONE in
> over 3 months, and it's been WEEKS, *many* long
weeks, since anybody filed
> a restraining order against him.
> Obviously you just don't understand.   But please
don't hurt his feelings,
> Gweeds is a sensitive person.  All those minor
problems with his behavior
> can be attributed to his parents, drugs; no wait,
he's not an addict,
> nevermind that; but SOCIETY as a WHOLE is at fault. 
Blaming Gweeds for
> his own actions, is totally immature. 
> Thank you,  Love, Light, and God Bless,
> Patrick

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