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paul harvey pauljackamo at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 18 16:44:46 EDT 2002

ive already posted a similar request on the calyx.list so apologies
to anyone who has to read it twice and a thankyou to brett and eric who have 
taken the trouble to correspond with me.
to get straight to the point,the supplier who i have used in the past for 
ibogaine hcl is no longer able to do so - so i need to look elsewhere, as do 
a number of friends who were hoping to get treated soon. (dont worry,we are 
based in the UK - where a legal window of opportunity still exists to treat 
people for opiate addiction) - so its not a thought crime to help .
so - can anyone help or at least point us in the right direction of someone 
willing to provide ibogaine hcl at reasonable prices ( we were paying £85 
per gram but that was an incredibly good rate)
If we had the economic resources then we would be straight on the plane
to a treatment centre in a sunny climate. The reality is we are at the 
bottom level of the junk pyramid, either on or just off the street.
Its a fucking joke really. a white paper has just been released by our 
government with no sense of irony, called "justice for all" where anyone 
arrested for "any" crime who happens to be a heroin/cocaine addict will only 
be released on bail on condition they receive mandatory treatment.
No agreement to treatment = No bail and no bail equals a grim withdrawal on 
the concrete floor, so who isn't going to agree to treatment?. And heres a 
further irony,if you fuck up your attendance at a day centre or find the 
drug agencies/rehabilitation centre is not for you, you can then get taken 
back to court for the original prison sentence to be imposed because you 
have broken whats termed your "DTTO"
(drug testing and treatment order) - and at what cost ?
In terms of my own addiction to opiates/crack/methadone, it has cost the 
state a considerable ammount to keep me in between 40-80ml of methadone 
daily for all those years plus £4000 to put me into a detox unit for a month 
plus £15,000 for a six month stay in rehab where upon leaving I relapsed at 
the first opportunity.
Contrast that with my first self-administered ibogaine treatment six months 
ago which for £85 (of my own money,not the state's) i came off methadone in 
two days, not one month of expensive detox and havent touched it since. Yes, 
i did return to heroin eventually but kicked it myself 8 days ago.Which is 
why Im seeking retreatment with ibogaine as the cravings are still strong. 
That i could walk in tomorrow and get prescribed methadone and yet have to 
jump through hoops to find some ibogaine is so indicative of the fucked up 
UK drug policy its untrue.
Anyway - if you can help, please email me.

in valis we trust


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