[ibogaine] what's changed since 2001?

preston peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Thu Jul 18 09:25:11 EDT 2002

>I would suggest it might be great to start a psychonauts list and 
maybe even some more lists. This is cool.<

Hey Curtis,
    Even more weirdness, and some hard news, and debate, discussions, all dealing with drugs and the War, can be found here:

>On another note, in cooperation with Andria at Drug Scope UK, and publisher of Users Voice in London, and with a ton of help both spiritual and technical from the brilliant, and thus as expected crazy folk at Mindvox.com, Drugwar has a new email list. We'd like to invite you all, and all your friends, relatives, enemies, pets, politicians, and anyone else who might not fit one of these catagories, to join us as we discuss, plot, plan, ramble and more, attempting to figure out how we got this far into such a pointless and destructive war, how it's possible that we remain embroiled in aforementioned war, and how in the heck do we get ourselves out. 

As our calm, rational, and utterly brilliant tech design guy/friend Patrick put it last night:
"if you wanna subscribe to drugwar, the address is: 
drugwar-subscribe at mindvox.com
This just opened roughly 3 minutes ago, the list will go wherever whomever
takes it, but primarily it is being run by Preston & Andria, and/or Andria
and Preston.  Although I'm sure I'll provide occasional thoughtful
insights, and brief introspective moments of reasonable discourse.

Its purpose is to provide you with an up to the minute hotlist of the
best spots to cop on planet earth.  No wait, that's the Drug Database &
Beeper/Cellphone eXchange, coming Any Minute Now.  
Mostly the purpose of the list is to move the more Drug War related
conversations and materials..."<


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  Understood, I am only writing with him because I'm interested in 
  how his experience was. That is all.

  Whatever phase you're in, you are truly bent and really funny.

  This is the freakiest list I have ever read in my life and without 
  knowing a lot of you I like this space. I even liked Brett and 
  Neuroskull going at it, Brett obviously has some bad experiences 
  with having religion forced on him, I can relate to that bro.

  Peace out,

  I would suggest it might be great to start a psychonauts list and 
  maybe even some more lists. This is cool.


  On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 Patrick K. Kroupa wrote :
  >On [Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 02:14:43AM -0000], [Curtis  Hersch] 
  >| On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 ascending at hushmail.com wrote :
  >| I'm sending mail off list, need to ask you something. Will
  >| hushmail accept mail without PGP? It must if you're writing 
  >| list right?
  >| Curtis
  >Curtis.  While you have wonderful taste in fine music, and seem 
  >generally be a thoughtful and interesting person.  There is this 
  >word you
  >should look up, it's called: subtle.  Pronounced  Sub-Tul.  
  >Meaning: Learn
  >to shut the fuck up and think about what you're about to say, 
  >before doing
  >so (I paraphrase here from Webster's New Edition).  This message 
  >will be
  >the EXACT OPPOSITE of subtle.
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