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> Who are you misinformed people. I am looking for a way to ibogaine myself 
> into myself once again as I was about ten years ago before those nasty 
> drugs. 

Who are the mis-informed here??
not that I post here often myself, but from what I`ve seen <read> U seem to 
be either mis, or perhaps un informed. Its 
getting a bit boring to keep hearing from those like you who want ibogaine, 
yet come here to babble   instead of just going & getting dosed.. & hey, I 
know it ain`t easy, either. I`ve been trying for some ibogaine for years, & 
some who I`ve told about it have been `unsprung` for some time now....too bad 
there aren`t  any Dr. Learys around anymore, to deal with ibogaine as he did 
w/ acid.  -mirror-
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