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Funny that you should say that!  Earlier I toyed with the idea of saying that we should send Patrick over to negotiate between the Palestinians and the Jews..  Sure couldn't hurt!  Jane, I LOVE YOU!  And I'm sorry for mounting a mini-crusade yesterday.  Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain. 

In Christ, 


Thanks.  You know, on ibo2, as I call it, I SAW in panoramic precognition (many of you know about stuff like this) my visit to the rainforest (ayahuasca, yes, but mostly environmentalism for the Bolivian rainforest) AND Jerusalem.  I lived in the heart of the old city for 3 weeks (awesome).  The Academy of Jerusalem, who graciously had me as a guest in their Old City apartment, had one window overlooking the palestinian souks and the other overlooking the Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock.  Talk about a place where people live their religions.....the chanting (in 3 religions, at least, and don't forget the Canaanite) begins at about 3:30 a.m and goes on.  Of course I was there during Ramadan and Christmas.  Bethlehem was disgustingly commercial, even while Yassar Arafat attended midnight mass in the Church of the Nativity (this was the millenium, and everyone was trying hard, I guess, to capitalize on the moment).  Anyway, I'm pretty interested in peace, like every sane person alive, and believe we have to start with ourselves!  Jane

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