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Wed Jul 17 23:16:23 EDT 2002

Don (Neuroskull) writes, "I've stopped.  And I apologize if my postings created a bit of a stir.  That wasn't my intention.  In my ignorance and enthusiasm I mistook the ibogaine list as being similar to the vox list.. And well, as they say in modern parlance "My bad".  I've never been accused of brilliance"

No harm done, though lots of venting. I (remember me?  sorry, folks, I try hard not to debate about religion with people, makes me too crazy) was offering Eric a book suggestion, one that helps me a lot.  Especially with MY manic phases.  It worries me though when people seeking help end up signing off  an ibo list because they can't deal with the judgmental ranting.  It's nice to see a reconciliation of sorts.  And, I must say, its rather exciting to see the change from judgment (on both sides) to a kind of acceptance of difference.  Let's take it to Jerusalem!  Love, Jane

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