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Brett Calabrese bcalabrese at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 17 18:16:03 EDT 2002

> it's never my intention to anger anyone with the
> Good News of Christ....  

Well, gee you might try a different tact. You know, do
unto others as you would have them do unto you... You
wouldn't like to be told you are an ignorant, that JC
is evil (and I said I have my own "stories"...), that
you should cchange your religion, HI, I am NEURO and
YOU should change your beliefs cause I said so... From
your logic, maybe I should hate black people cause I
had an early bad experience when I was mugged or the
VERY MANY times people do stuff (like LITERALLY KILL
MILLIONS OF PEOPLE) in the name of GOD or JC - does
that make believing in JC/GOD of the bible bad??? No,
so I hear you had a bad experience, so what, we have
all had them, so YOU go be a Christian but don't
expect me to be one because of YOUR experiences and I
don't expect you to believe in what I believe in
because of mine. Maybe if I didn't hear those
obnoxious statements (and a lot of other maybes) I
would take more interest. I have no problem with JC,
none at all, in fact it is part of truth. As for your
JC, YOUR god, YOUR church - the way it is put to me -
listening. Want to chat about GOD, JC, being Muslum,
crystals (not my "thing" but may be someone elses),
Jewish teachings, Vidanta - (equally, you want to call
it differently fine but I will have nothing to do with
anyone selling me something that THEY just know I must
have...), you may be surprised at the similarities,
especially in some early (and not what they teach you
in Sunday School) text.


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