what's changed since 2001?

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Wed Jul 17 16:25:22 EDT 2002

Out of the loop for a while. What's happening with ibo and moving it off schedule I? I am guessing nothing. 

Picked up the WSJ which is why I ask. Dr. Mash has some words but like so many of her words they don't really say anything. I don't see noribogaine or MC-18 or anything else out there. Same story, years later, no changes.

I also don't see ibogaine anywhere except out of the country. 

I've read the sites, if there is any progress I must have missed it. ibogaine org, net, uk. 

This thing kicks ass, whatever it is. Thought Mindvox was hackerland back in the day. Welcome back from the dead.

Clean off methadone for 9 months here. Treated by the wise in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Life is good.

Shout outs to Patrick and Dave, like yer recovery anti-recovery rap in HT.

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