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Wed Jul 17 15:41:26 EDT 2002

Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah, I was going through an aggressive stage (probably because of the 
medication I'm on) when I read the thing about.......  Oh the heck with it.  
I'm in too good of a mood now to think about the last couple of days.  Man, 
it's never my intention to anger anyone with the Good News of Christ....  
Bottom line:  I love you guys (even the heathens) ;)  I want everyone to have 
the salvation that God has offered us through Christ... Okay, I won't say any 
more about that since this is about ibogaine.  That's some kind of a plant 
isn't it?  I can tell you all a funny story about plants.

Back in 1980 a friend and I went to the drive in to watch the movies 
"Fiendish Plot of Doctor Fu Man Chu" along with "Close Encounters of the 
Third Kind, special edition".  We bought some weed from some people we didn't 
know...  Hooray, we didn't know at the time, but it was laced with PCP!  We 
were parked up front and center.  Toking away.  About mid way through Close 
Encounters, the PCP began to take effect... My eyeballs cracked!  I began to 
see things as if I was looking through broken glass.  Red flashes of light 
were exploding in my head.  I got out of my truck and stared up at the big 
screen.... The ship was coming down to devils tower....  BAM!  Next thing I 
know, I'm flat on my back.  There is a group of people around me..  Their 
noses are acting weird.  I'm still seeing explosions and flashes of light, 
and their noses are moving around on their faces.  I stand up and stagger to 
the bed of my pickup.  I fall again, but grab hold of the side.  Now the 
horns are honking in the theater as I've become the center of attention!  
Next thing I know, we're on the freeway.. My friend is driving like mad..  I 
end up in the hospital, strapped down to a bed... They are pumping something 
into me?  I overhear the nurses laughing.. "That's what he gets for smoking 
marijuana".... Yeah, that's what I get.  I don't smoke grass any more.  That 
experience  kinda ruined it for me.

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