[ibogaine] jesus the prankster? (oh, and ibogaine too)

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Wed Jul 17 13:30:04 EDT 2002

On [Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 12:12:33AM -0400], [preston peet] wrote:

| Don wrote 
| >I've never taken ibogaine, but that doesn't mean I never will nor am I
| against the use of it for rehabilitation.  A friend invited me onto this
| list and that's why you see me here....P.S.S To my friend that invited
| me onto this list.  If you think I'm being too much of a nuisance, you
| can zap me off of here if you want.  I'd like to stay, but I leave it up
| to you. <

Hey Don, 

That'd be me.  Fully guilty.  Don has been on some of the other lists for
quite a while, he appears to be similar to many of us -- the US that I
know, I can't speak for everybody -- he has some issues n things, he's
somewhat crazy, and he loves his understanding of God a great deal.

For what it's worth, people are people, Don loves Jesus, but then, on the
flipside of all that, he also signed himself into MindVox and stuck
around.  While we get a tremendous volume of hate mail and death threats,
from those who want to share God's love, and have problems with our
existence, thoughts, and those JesusCrackHead banners Drew has running;
most of them don't stick around after venting and explaining how God will
kill us all.  <shrug>

Go figure.  I'm not sure I understand that, but prolly I don't need to,
and I have no problem accepting it.

Don, you are certainly as welcome to hang out as anyone, my only request
would echo whut Carrie asked, which is PLEASE don't turn this into a
Jesus Or Else discussion that never ends.  There are many people present
here, who have all found different paths that lead to God.  One of them
would be me.  I'm not a Christian, a long time ago, in a universe far, far
away, I was raised a Roman Catholic Atheist, "forgiv me fadduh, for eye
haz sinned.  Prolly I shall do so again, but ahm doinz my very best heah."
I presently belong to no organized religious faith, but many of my beliefs
find expression and a lotta resonance with Buddhism.

I am not a Buddhist.  I am a member of no organized religion.

None of this changes the fact that I like you (Don), and you are more than
welcome to hang around.  I have absolutely no problem with Christian
Fundamentalists, or anybody really.  For that matter you seem to do just
super-fine on the Vox list, where the only organized religion present is
either paganism or full-blown psychosis.  And, the psychotic pagans were
completely accepting of your two Great Works: Pre-Adamic Star Wars and
Abominable Hybrid Offspring of the Nephilim.  So, whatsa mattuh wid ewe?

I know you are VERY prolific, and could argue faith back and forth all day
and every day, but the reason I thought you might find this list of
interest was, see, okay, here are a lot of people, many of them with
severe problems they are overcoming, these are some of the things that
ibogaine does, some it doesn't do, etcetera...

If you like I am more than happy to give you a JESUS list!  You can make
MindVox start radiating Jesus, because, well, why not.  I like the J man.

So, to conclude.  You're not the only one with your beliefs on this list,
there is some lhuterson or lhutcherson (?) person who also likes to pop up
every so often, express her faith that JESUS is the answer to everything.
'Cept, then she goes away for a while.  She doesn't keep up a constant
barrage of this, which completely defocuses the purpose of this list.
Which is to talk about ibogaine, addiction, and then, everything on the
whole entire planet, most especially GOSSIP!  But not constantly. 

Thusly: please chill a bit.  If you have any questions 'bout what ibogaine
does, well hey, you can ask.  If you have any insights about maintaining,
I agree with ya 'bout the hittin' the gym part; just please do not try to
convert everyone -- even if it's fun or provides one helluva emotional
rush -- because prolly, it won't work, and just annoys people.

Thank yooz,


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