[ibogaine] was Eric...is now Jesus and Ibogaine.

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In "my opinion" ibogaine does not change a persons religious belief system 
unless the person themself possibly considers their belief system as death 
oriented and I am not sure it would even change it then.  Ibogaine appears to 
support a philosophy of life regardless of the religious context it is taken 
within.  It is sometimes called the tree of life. It is a powerful substance. 
 If you have to work out religious issues within your own belief system that 
may prove to be arduous, or not, depending on you, your learning abilities 
and your fears or your courage.


In a message dated 7/16/02 11:45:10 PM, NeuroSkull at aol.com writes:

>I've never taken ibogaine, but that doesn't mean I never will nor am I
>against the use of it for rehabilitation.  A friend invited me onto this
>list and that's why you see me here.  I wholeheartedly believe in the Lord 
>and that salvation is found only through Him.  With my apologies to Carrie,
>it's not my intention to "spam" this list, offend anyone just for kicks
>or argue with the sole purpose of "proving myself right and everyone else
>wrong".  Sincerely I tell you, I weep over those that are lost without
>Christ.  God/Christ are my life.  I have no life outside of Christ.  To
>some that may seem dismal, maybe even a bit sad.  But I voluntarily left the
>"world" so that I can more readily live for Christ.  I strive daily to
>have a faith that is pro-active...  Well, so much so that the line is blurred
>between what I strive for and what I have become.  So, what I see, what
>Christ tells me through His Word the Bible.  Is that there are two choices
>in life.  God's way, through Christ which leads to eternal life with God.
> Or death and destruction in Hell.  I'm not forcing this on anyone.  I simply
>point to the way that leads to eternal life.  The way is Jesus Christ.
> Those are His words, I only speak them because He commanded us believers to 
>so.  I know this causes some angry responses, Jesus said that it would.  But
>it must be done for there are those that desire to be saved, but just don't
>know the way of escape yet.
>You all don't have to refer to me as Neuroskull (but ain't it cool...!)
> My name is Don.  
>P.S.  Oh.. my views... I wasn't brought up in a "religious" household or
>anything like that.  It was quite bohemian actually.  I'd love to tell
>you more.. but, that would just end up changing the WHOLE focus of this 
>Some other time perhaps.   
>P.S.S To my friend that invited me onto this list.  If you think I'm being
>too much of a nuisance, you can zap me off of here if you want.  I'd like
>to stay, but I leave it up to you.

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