[ibogaine] after ibogaine and SMART

Rebecca Silverman becca_vail at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 16 13:49:39 EDT 2002

Did you mean me? Alison wrote one line replying to my msg. I'm not bashing 
Patrick. He's cute, really smart, articulate and has a lot of charisma. 
What's not to like? So he's crazy, so what. He's one of my role models no 
joke. He's also not a very private person his whole life is talked about by 
Dr. Mash, himself, he is not invisible or anonymous in south Florida. 
Patrick seriously was one of the main reasons I broke out of NA in the first 
place, there are all the Patrick stories and so what does this guy do to 
stay clean? I don't know but it's sure not sitting in these stupid meetings 
they keep throwing us into :-) A program of attraction :-)

I didn't write you personal email or say anything that Eric didn't say. The 
rest of what I've read today is the jesus and not jesus debate between the 
two people having it. I think Rick and Alison agreed with what I said about 
Patrick saying nearly the same things as SMART about defining yourself and 
something besides being a addict.

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