SMART Link on Mindvox please?

Rebecca Silverman becca_vail at
Tue Jul 16 13:33:48 EDT 2002

Hi Patrick,

A request to at least think about please? I know you never reply to mail but 
would you consider putting in a link for SMART? The program agrees with so 
many things that you have to say and it wouldn't hurt you to add it to harm 

Also if you are going to be adding the whole rave scene from South Beach, 
would you consider adding a happenings area where we can list meetings (not 
NA meetings!) please?

I know your reply is usually 'it's a free world, go start your own web site 
and see if you can find 10 people who care' and probably I can't! But I'd 
love to add the updates and at least the banner to mindvox please. You do 
run everything on ibogaine, which some people bitch about some of the time 
:-) Please add smart.

I know how to use alexa too, please do not tell me to throw it somewhere 
else, it's just a little banner. Ok? Please? :-) You have more people 
hitting this crazy thing (meant in a good way!) and reading what you say, 
then nearly anything else I've ever used online, it would not hurt for some 
of them to find smart in your links.

Mindvox 29,508
Phantom I can't get it to read anymore, but you have two domains hooked to 
mindvox both in the top 50,000

AA	50,201
NA	79,212
SMART	257,568
SMART Florida	975,211
DRCNET	171,235
Herointimes	171,600
MAPS		108,645

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