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Rick Venglarcik RickV at hnncsb.org
Tue Jul 16 12:55:23 EDT 2002

Perhaps it boils down to this...Brett is intolerant with intolerant
people and Neuroskull has found a belief position that works at this
particular time.  Having walked a similar road, the beliefs and opinions
stated by Neuroskull are pretty consistent with the
evangelical/fundamentalist Christian perspective.  Historical
Christianity holds to a certain unchanging system of thought. 
Encouraging others to "stay away from Buddhism and other such heathen
religions" is consistent with the belief system.  Likewise, the term
"heathen" refers to pretty much any "uncivilized" religion that doesn't
recognize the God of the Bible, so the term used is appropriate.  

Expressing a belief or opinion that holds to absolutes, does NOT
necessarily make a person intolerant.  If they made it a point to drown
you out and stifle YOUR expression, that would be intolerant.  Likewise,
if you were discriminated against due to your religious beliefs, that
would be intolerant.  Jesus was tolerant, but he still called the
religious leaders of the day a brood of vipers.  He was also willing to
wash feet and eat with the rabble.

In certain matters I hold to absolutes and will express them as so, but
I'll listen attentively to what you say.  I might even argue against
what you believe.  You might actually help me change some of my own
beliefs.  Whatever the case, we can still go down to the deli and break
bread together.  Perhaps this is Neuroskull's position as well. Perhaps
not.  He'll catch up somewhere down the road.  So kiss and make up.

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