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Brett Calabrese bcalabrese at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 16 09:15:37 EDT 2002

Excuse me!

--- NeuroSkull at aol.com wrote:
> I will add, stay away from Buddhism and other such
> heathen religions.  

Just goes to show how ignorant, prejudice and bigoted
some "good Christians" can be.

So, tell me (bigot), what do you know (besides
nothing) about these "other such heathen religions"?
The work of the devil, huh? Yeah, that Dali Lama, a
real heathen for sure... definitely an evil one.

> Instead seek the true God through a relationship
> with Jesus Christ.  Not 

Then how come you have no seem to have no clue about
what Jesus was about? The love, the acceptance,
tolerance, forgot that part? What is this honor thy
neighbor as long as he believe what you tell him to
believe in?

> religion, relationship.  For more information. 
> Visit here:  
> http://www.geocities.com/neuroskull/gift.html

Not in this lifetime. Been there, done that, gave it a
chance, been to bible study and don't like hateful
people, people spreading fear and mistrust, gossip,
hate, anger.

> Neuroskull
> (Have seen first hand those that have become
> possessed by evil spirits due to 
> buddhist meditation & chanting).

Ah, but the millions of people who have been killed by
good Christians "in the name of GOD", that is OK but
meditation and chanting is evil, got it.

Maybe if we all accepted each other and our beliefs,
respected each other and didn't pull this "my religion
is better than your religion" crap people would get
along better, ya think? So, the YOGA I do is evil huh,
you know about that Shiva OR that I was born Jewish,
that must be bad too since we chant and don't pray to
your JC, I even do some Jewish Mysticism (Kabbala),
light insense, do Reiki - or am I taking JC's job by
healing (with the hands), must be the work of the
devil (been told that by good Christians), right?
Seems that to you Love is evil.

I actually have nothing wrong with JC or any belief of
love and truth, I do have a problem with people who
tell me they have the one true belief and the way put
other people down.

Have fun with your fear based beliefs (which IMO has
nothing to do with JC), watch out GOD is going to get
you, he is watching your every move, the devil is
waiting too, just for you so be careful, one slip and
it hell for sure.



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