h2k2 highlights :)

vector6 at space.com vector6 at space.com
Tue Jul 16 07:59:23 EDT 2002

Don't want to interrupt the he said, she said, they did
healthy recovery talk here. 

But this is awesome. A extension of conversations on
the other Mindvox lists about H2K2. 

Gweeds, who Patrick said is part of the new inner
circle on the new Mindvox, this should be great. Way to
go Patrick! 

It blows me away that this guy was a employee of
Mindvox during dot com. You people truly and really
were insane. 

Tom Dell from rotten.com "I wrote parts of the original

LOD member "did they write back?"

Groucho Marx joke :)

Gweeds Gets Killed:



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