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Mon Jul 15 23:52:19 EDT 2002

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> I will add, stay away from Buddhism and other such heathen religions.
> Instead seek the true God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Not
> religion, relationship.  For more information.  Visit here:
> http://www.geocities.com/neuroskull/gift.html
> Neuroskull
> (Have seen first hand those that have become possessed by evil spirits due
> buddhist meditation & chanting).

As a Taoist, I can't abide this at all, sorry. I know many Buddhists, btw,
and this sort of ignorance is just sickening to me. I actually know
Buddhists who were helped through their beliefs and practices to overcome
addiction. I know Christians who have, too.

Wow ... don't know what else to say ...

- jt

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