[ibogaine] recovery options and the concept of addiction

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Dear Curtis

There is no such thing as an 'ugly chick!' Well, at least only VERY RARELY
Women are the best

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Man I need to say that I thank you for writing all that and I mean 
that from the bottom of my heart because I do not want to dis you 
but I realise that I am not nearly as unhappy as I thought I was I 
could be you.

I don't know what all your talking about but if I can give a human 
opinion here what it sounds like is you are going off because some 
lady didn't notice that you're alive and is all over Patrick 
instead. You also aren't happy because you do the steps and he 

Let me say that I don't know too many ladies who want to 'adopt' a 
33 year old guy. If they do this means they are married. Let me 
guess some more and this lady Dr. Mash is a cutie right? Nobody 
gets this upset over ugly chicks I don't care what they did.

 From what you wrote it sounds like you are upset with this lady 
and don't like the groups. So try to get over that because 
probably this chick will not start to notice you're alive, Patrick 
will probably not stop being Patrick and the meetings won't 

I don't do meeting neither I could not no matter what get into 
them and I'm clean too. I smoke out but can not handle lsd, that 
makes me go to such a bad space right now I don't know what it is 
maybe later but right now noway.

Peace out, Curtis

On Sat, 13 Jul 2002 eric seitz wrote :
>I've changed the topic because whether ibogaine alters genetic 
>expression could be a very interesting thread if anyone who knew 
>what they were talking about posted anything, which they won't as 
>you yourself pointed out in a roundabout way.
>I don't post anything often and when I do every few months it 
>probably is a symptom of my own problems that I'm not owning. I 
>have no problem at all with you, you're a exceptional person. 
>What bothers me is addiction itself.
>I know many of the people who attempted to treat you, I know the 
>after ibogaine scene in Miami, not one of them says anything 
>except you are a nightmare and then starts to list all your 
>problems. 3 years later I don't think it means anything and I'm 
>starting to think even they must realize that. I've read most of 
>what you've written on ibogaine on recovery but I just can't do 
>it like that. I would desperetely love to tell all these people 
>in my face to go fuck themselves and sail off down the yellow 
>brick road where Dr. Mash for all intents and purposes adopts me 
>and let's me get away with anything I want, because I'm very 
>smart and charming and that's all that matters in her world 
>especially when she can use you to promote anything she wants to 
>say about addiction. She's always right because you exist and 
>didn't take anyone's advice but hers. In your world Dr. Mash is a 
>wonderful person who's mommy and everyone else is some asshole 
>who annoyed you. And for you, that's true.

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