prescription meds and suggestions

eric seitz erictseitz at
Sun Jul 14 22:35:41 EDT 2002

Some of what I wrote was a result of my own issues and problems and not 
necessarily appropriate for this list and I have taken the conversation off 
list. I thank everyone who made suggestions to me I will do what I can to 
follow through on some of them and Patrick, I'll give you a call and buy you 
lunch or dinner. I sincerely did not mean to go off on you and obviously 
that is what I did.

My comments about people who are "clean" but taking prescription medications 
were not meant as a disparagement, they were simply reality based for 
myself. In my experience I can't use prescription meds without soon after 
progressing to abuse. If you can more power to you. I had no interest in 
sparking a "who is really clean" conversation, I already know Patrick's 
answers to that "I've been clean 15 minutes which is the last time I lit a 
cigarette but I've been off heroin for 3 years" which is nearly identical to 
what many of you said.

Please understand I was upset and it was not my intention to challenge what 
anyone on this list is doing, most of you look like you're having a better 
time of it then me, so who am I to argue.


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