Carrie Rollins carrierollins at
Sat Jul 13 03:44:47 EDT 2002

I'm stunned and I'm going to sleep :-)

This is so great, this is like a soap opera on crack

Curtis that was really insightful and you didn't
mention motherlovebone, not once! 

Bill you're a closet intellectual too? :-)

Eric I know the last time I replied I wasn't very kind
and I'm trying, I see you're not in a great place but
it's hard to work up sympathy for rich people who are
unhappy. I mean I'm sure you're as unhappy as anyone
and maybe even much more, but when I'm wondering how
to make rent next month it so makes me stop listening
to you complain.

Krunchy fig leaf, Krispy fig leaf? I'm sorry I'm in
the editor and can't find your name please don't be
mad at me I'll remember it the next time. I think
Miami is the main ibogaine place where very rich
ibogaine people end up or start up when they do
ibogaine with Dr. Mash, Patrick is in Miami, Mindvox
is in NY I think, ibogaine treatment is available all
over the world starting at a few hundred dollars. I
think the main middle class ibogaine treatment is in
mexico, the rich go to st. kitts and people who don't
want that kind of environment or are on vision quests
go all over the world. Welcome to the ibogaine list! 


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