Newbie Questions

Joshua Tinnin krinklyfig at
Sat Jul 13 01:04:23 EDT 2002

OK, since you all know I'm new here, and that I'm 32, let's move on a bit. I have a few questions.

First, I have been interested in Ibogaine ever since reading about it in High Times way back in ... oh, I guess the late 80s or so,
I think 1989. It amazes me that it is not used more widely for theraputic reasons, and that it is illegal, especially considering
what an extremely low potential for recreational use it has - probably zero.

Anyway, has nearly everyone here tried Ibogaine? Of those who have, has it been to treat addiction, or has anyone here taken it for
other therapeutic reasons? I am guessing that there is somewhere in Miami which helps in this regard, but I seem to have stumbled
into the middle of a lot of ongoing conversations. The research I've done indicates that Ibogaine treatments are done outside of
this country, and they seem to carry a very high price tag, which can hinder some people's attempts to use it for treatment. The
reason I ask this second question - the one about using Ibogaine for other therapeutic reasons than addiction - is that its history
in tribal cultures doesn't have anything to do with treating addiction, but rather as a shamanic tool. I realize what a powerful
tool this is, having read others' experiences with it. In any case, how successful has it been in people's personal experiences with
it here, whether for addiction or otherwise? I've heard some remarkable success stories elsewhere, and also some utter
disappointments from some people, and partly with those people because of the huge monetary investment. Of course, not every
treatment will work the same for everyone, nor will the same treatment be successful for everyone. I do understand how
individualized problems, addiction and otherwise, are.

Thanks for indulging me. I'm just trying to learn. Am so happy this list exists, and I sincerely hope that those who are suffering
with addiction and recovery on this list can receive the help they need, and all the encouragement needed as well, and that you can
find the strength to follow through.

- jt

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