[ibogaine] recovery options and the concept of addiction

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 12 23:16:42 EDT 2002

Bill! That sounds really fascinating but could you
please explain what it means? What is all that
changing? I don't understand, even your theory or the
possibility that you are suggesting and I am very
interested. And also what could I read to understand a
little more which would not be so above my head that
I'm lost? I don't mean to put you on the spot and
probably there are no easy answers but I am very very
very very very curious!

Eric is just repeating what i've heard so many times
already and I feel bad for you but you keep saying the
same thing every so often and do nothing about it and
trash patrick while saying you have nothing against

Makes a lot of sense.

Carla B

--- Bill Ross <ross at cgl.ucsf.EDU> wrote:
> 	I've changed the topic because whether ibogaine
> alters 
> 	genetic expression could be a very interesting
> thread if 
> 	anyone who knew what they were talking about posted
> anything, 
> Now that you mention it :-) 
> Short-term regulation could come about by direct
> binding of ibo to
> some nucleic acid or bound enzyme, in the simplest
> case. I wonder
> if anyone has looked to see if ibo binds in such a
> place (if
> they did & the result was negative, they might not
> publish, since
> journals prefer positive results).
> I wonder if any long-term change not involving
> ongoing drug ingestion,
> diet or activity change, or genetic mutation might
> necessarily be due 
> to altered genetic expression? What else could cause
> the measured 
> balance of enzymes to shift? If serotonin levels are
> higher, presumably 
> the serotonin gene is getting expressed more, or the
> genes controlling 
> its uptake are expressed less, etc. I have the
> impression that some
> people retain the mood changes of SSRI's after they
> stop taking them,
> so possibly these drugs change genetic expression,
> and there may be
> more data for them (not to mention other drugs
> unrelated to mood).
> 	What drives me crazy is I don't understand. What
> did she ever 
> 	see in you when you were some strung out mess that
> landed on 
> 	her doorstep, threw a lit cigarette on her couch
> and told her 
> 	what a bitch she is.  ...
> If it's any consolation, you seem to be as smart and
> articulate
> as Patrick, just not enjoying it as flamboyantly. 
> Bill Ross

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