structured addictions

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>What's "structured" if not "constant groups and therapy"?<

What a silly question I asked, please excuse. The gym idea seems like a good structured activity, one that will release those endorphins, as Patrick and NeuroSkull suggested, and the volunteer work idea by Bill Ross was brilliant. There's some structure, therapy and groups, without all the clinical therapy and some-clinical-some-not groups. Of course, neither have necessarily been my own routes, but then I'm not "clean", (in this day and age of chemical additives in food, water, and air, is anyone really clean, and not somehow consciously altered in some way from how they popped out of the womb, or for that matter, even while still in the womb aren't being altered by all the chemical additives we've spewed out onto the world), I do on occasion take pain meds, and ingest or smoke something(s) else illicit.

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